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Torch fat while maintaining strength and avoid overtraining!

Mini Metabolic Conditioning workouts aka…Mini Metcons are the missing link to your conditioning.

Mini Metcon workouts can be plugged into any strength training routine or can be used as a stand alone program to bring your conditioning to levels you never thought possible.

In as little as 5 minutes, you can get all the conditioning you need.

As a 46 year old father, owner of two gyms and full time High School Athletic Trainer I don’t have hours to waste in the gym…training time needs to be super efficient and effective.

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness and Sports Medicine field under my belt…

I have experimented with, tweaked and have tried every program in the book.

Here’s the botton line…Mini Metcons work best for myself, my clients and athletes.

They burn the most fat, build the most muscle and take the LEAST amount of time!


32 Simple and extremely efficient workouts
done with minimal equipment in ANY setting!

These are the workouts that I personally use to keep myself in top condition and pain free at age 46 without overtraining or losing strength.

Here’s what you’re getting with Mini-Metcons.

  • Now up to 32 Simple and extremely efficient workouts done with minimal equipment in ANY setting.
  • Explanations of each session that can be printed out and taken with you to the gym.
  • A detailed video explanation and demonstration of each workout.
  • An arsenal of conditioning workouts that can be plugged into your current training program or used as a stand alone program in itself.
  • A follow along joint mobility warm up routine that help will keep you pain free and youthful.
  • A follow along kettlebell based warm up that can also be used as a mini training session.
  • A program designed from 25 years of experience in the health, fitness and sports medicine fields.
Mini Metcon FAQs

How long are the Mini Metcon sessions?
Mini Metcon Training sessions can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

What type of equipment is needed?
Not much. Most of the Mini Metcons can be done with just one kettlebell and body weight movements. If you don’t have a kettlebell, a dumbell will work for most of these workouts.

Who is this program for?
Mini Metcons are great for everyone including the average working person (male or female), coaches looking to kick up their athlete’s conditioning levels, trainers wanting to impress their clients with fun, effective and exciting training sessions. The list goes on!

How can Mini Metcons be implemeted?
Mini Metcons can be done as stand alone training sessions if you wish to crank your conditioning to super human status.

I have also designed fun mini metcon challenges that can easily be plugged in at the end of your strength routine, or use for you clients at the gym.

If you are a trainer, your clients will be begging you for more!
Challenge Mini Metcons are fun and can be used as a measure of progress for you, your clients or friends.

You will be amazed by how much quality work you can get done in a 5-10 minute time span and still get incredible results.

Look what some of the top fitness pros say about Mini Metcons…
“Ass Kicking Finishers. Bottom line my conditioning, stamina, and strength is better than its ever been in my entire life. I stand by this guy 100% and implement these in all of my strength workouts.”
Zach Even Esh
“It’s amazing what can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. They are short, fun and will challenge you for any athlete or person of any age…”
Paul Reddick
“I am 28 years old, played competitive soccer my entire life and by far am in the best shape of my life thanks to Mike Stehle and the MiniMetcons I get to perform everyday!”
Yusef Qasim


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Who is this Mike “Uncle Mike” Stehle?

Uncle Mike has been in the fitness business for 25+ years. In addition to training certifications from NSCA, RKC and IKFF he is also a Certified Athletic Trainer with over 20 years hands on experience.

Most know Uncle Mike as the Co-Owner of The Training Room, one of NJ’s premier training facilities with such notable clients as UFC fighter Frankie Edgar and USA Women’s Soccer Captain and 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Christie Rampone.

If that weren’t enough Uncle Mike is also a prolific writer. He has one of the longest running and most popular blogs in the fitness industry and is a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness.